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I've been buying, selling, trading and enjoying DVDs for twelve years. My part time job scouting for DVDs and reselling them online has entwined with my passion for enjoying movies. Maybe that makes me a fool or maybe an expert. Either way this article will deliver you my considerable expertise in reselling DVDs.

So why sell off your DVDs at all? The past has shown virtually all media trends downhill in value through time and currently with iTunes, Netflix and Blu-ray alternatives, the downward price trend is accelerating. The best professional help I'm able to offer you is
"if nobody in the household has watched a DVD in one year - clear it out."

One can find plenty of excellent sites that purchase your DVDs or enable you to sell your DVDs on your own, but i have no ulimate recommendation to give you that will work for everybody. The best online venue depends on the amount of service you desire and your personal value on time used selling. I am going to spotlight the pros and cons of selling using some well known websites and perhaps some unexpected alternatives you never heard of.

eBay - You undoubtedly heard of the well known auction site. Ebay gives you probably the most flexibity to control your DVD sale with the customization you wish: Auction style or Buy-it-now, shipping price customization, and your own images. You pay to list each DVD no matter if there's a sale. You should consider unsold products, effort spent relisting products, and time expended engaging buyers about unpaid items as a cost. There is a great deal of effort required for a sale but if you are determined to obtain a premium price for your DVDs it might be a good channel for you. eBay is definitely not the one and only gig around town. There are other great sites to sell your used DVDs online and buildup a few dollars.

Google Merchant Center - Previously Google Base. You're required to have a website to sell DVDs at Google Merchant Center. You are able to publish your complete DVD list and sell items through the greatest search engine on the Web. Other Google Merchant Center categories include events and activities, products, recipes, vehicles, list jobs, reviews, services, and vacation rentals. So what's the greatest thing about Google Merchant Center? It's 100 % free - at least for now. The downside with Google Merchant Center: Sales volume level. Like any fresh site that aims to move into eBay's terrain, it's difficult to get the wheels turning because buyers need to go where the suppliers are and he sellers want to go where the buyers are. And since Google Merchant Center is brand new there are few of either. But making your program free of charge is a great first step. - created a great track record for itself as an internet bookseller. Amazon Marketplace's "used" platform had been patterned after and enabled Marketplace Merchant's DVDs and other items to display right along side Amazon's own listings. Marketplace Merchants have their products positioned before millions of prospects for $1per DVD listing. That charge is waived if you're a $40 per month Pro Merchant subscriber.

Somewhere From 2004 to 2006 Amazon Marketplace expanded their product categories and became the top dog in media sales. was purchased by Ebay and lost considerable market share to Amazon Marketplace after a messed up acquisition by eBay. Other sites like and joined in the fray and adopted the and Amazon model.
The problem selling with Amazon: The learning curve and hours necessary to get going. Consider this: opening an account and confirming your checking account and Visa or Mastercard. Creating a data file to post to Amazon's website. Organizing your inward bound sales and customer service. Frequent attention needs to be given to repricing. Even if you set your sell prices very low, more prominent professional merchants will swoop in using their electronic scripts and under-cut your price by a penny. Amazon has long been renowned to freeze new accounts and the funds if warning flags are triggered. They are with good reason concerned about having new fraudulent accounts setting up and generating sales without shipping. With Amazon Marketplace you will certainly get orders for your DVDs, however, with time required to overcome these setup hurdles, I advise selling DVDs on Amazon only for the professional career seller.

Instant Sale

In the last few years there are a number of new online options for selling your used DVDs, electronics and other items "instantly". Instead of listing your items individually on eBay or Amazon and dealing with the many hassles highlighted above, instant sale services make the sale much easier. - buys your old DVDs, CDs and video games in bulk. Consider this the easiest and fastest alternative. To sell your DVDs or to get a quote just enter a UPC number to a DVD. They will buy everything you have in one simple purchase. You get a free shipping label that you print and stick on your parcel. Expect your money to arrive by PayPal or check within 10 -14 days after shipping to these guys.

Amazon Trade-In - will accept more than simply DVDs; it also accepts books, video games and electronics. This is a wonderful means to clean out those unwanted, old school textbooks you've been hanging onto.

You will require an Amazon account. After entering and decribing the condition of the items you want to trade-in you will next be provided a quote. After you ship your stuff, at Amazon's cost, and they have time to receive and ensure the item are as described, your Amazon account will be credited an Amazon Gift card. Your gift card is typically available within five business days from when they receive the DVDs.

drawback with the Amazon program is this: your funds are confined to your Amazon account.

Best Buy Trade-In - will accept your unwanted DVD and electronic items. Getting an offer is as straightforward as entering a DVD's barcode number. After you've filled in the questionnaire you can expect to be provided an offer. The offer amount, if your okay with it, will be offered as a Best Buy gift card. You may ship the DVD shipment to Best Buy using a prepaid label, or look for a local store location that's authorized to buy DVDs.
The level of commitment Best Buy has with this program is uncertain. They are really "Best Buy" only in name. They contracted out the management of the program to an address out of Pennsylvania. The web presence is created and served buy, a website developer that has setup about 20 nearly identical buy back websites.

Like with Amazon Trade-in, the
downside with Best Buy Trade-in is your money is restricted into spending it with with a gift card. Also, the turn-around time getting the gift certificate granted is a bit longer than Amazon, coming in at 10 business days after receiving your items.

eBay Instant Sale - can be a fast way to get rid of your old unwanted electronics, however, they do not acquire DVDs currently. If your item is as described, you can expect a deposit into your PayPal account for the quoted amount within five business days.

My informal price evaluation has led me to conclude offers much more than Amazon Trade-in and Best Buy Trade-in on most items. However future buy prices are certain to fluctuate. In addition Mx123 pays out cash not credit and has always bought all of the items I attempt to sell. Amazon Trade-In rejected about 15% of my items and Best Buy rejected 30% of my items. See my DVD price comparing tool.

The drawback with along with the other instant sale websites: like every intermediary, you will not be obtaining top dollar you could get if you sell all your items directly yourself through Amazon MarketPlace, Ebay or Google Merchant Center. Be warned of a large number of fledgling internet sites developed by Buy Bak cropping up in this market niche. A certain amount of trust is needed before shipping your DVDs through the mail without getting paid first.


Craigslist .org is free to sell. No commissions, no fees. Think of it as a free online
classified website. Craigslist enables you to hook up with another person in your local area. You will have to negotiate the price and agree with a place to meet with the purchaser. You can list virtually anything for sale with Craigslist. Categories include books, business, computer, furniture, jewelry, tickets, tools, arts & crafts, cars, CDs and DVDs, clothes, collectibles, farm and garden, toys, household goods, music instruments, videos.
Some of the problems with Craigslist: I have found using Craigslist results in getting many strangers knocking on my door and telephone ringing. You may not be okay with this. After negotiating a deal on the phone I have experienced buyers intending to cherry pick my best DVDs rather than honor the bulk purchase we negotiated. is definitely risky channel for selling DVDs. Manage with care and use caution. Craigslist may be best used for items with a greater dollar value and items which are too large to send through the mail.

Facebook Marketplace -powered by Oodle. Social networking service Facebook offers a brand new classifieds area where people can post DVD ads free of charge. Unlike Craigslist, you can find if you have a connection with the buyer. There are no nameless item listings from mysterious sellers. It provide a safer experience with accountability for the buyer and seller. The bad thing about Facebook/Oodle is there are fewer buyers to be found then on Craiglist. But if Facebook makes their Marketplace a priority that could change quickly.